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"Gig Harbor has a nautical flair because that is what Gig Harbor is all about. Boating, fishing, beach combing, kayaking, strolling thru the harbor, fishing boats. It's like a town that time forgot. It's why I was drawn here." - Mike Esteb
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For me Gig Harbor is as great a place to live as it was to grow up.  A unique maritime small-town culture, with access to the benefits of Puget Sound cities.  What defines Gig Harbor better than its boats or
miles of waterfront is its people,
who come here to work, play,
and raise families in a safe and quiet community.
- Kyle  Rohrbaugh
My work takes me out of state most Monday's through Thursday's. Being gone from family is not enjoyable; but there is not a better feeling in the world than when I cross the bridge entering back into Gig Harbor. This is my oasis! The sounds, smells, and sights of this incredible place make me smile everyday. Whatever stresses we endure are diminished by the magnificent town in which we live. - Russell Markman
Gig Harbor is a quiet little drinking village with a fishing problem? - Ray Vellinga
Beautiful Gig Harbor…it simply takes my breath away. I have been visiting in Gig Harbor for about 15 years and it is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s not just the beauty that surrounds this most picturesque small city. It’s everything. I love walking around the harbor area and meeting the warm and friendly people. Everyone is so nice and so helpful. It is my good fortune to visit my family in Gig Harbor several times a year. I never seem to get over the splendor of this charming little city. One of my favorite scenes is a view of the harbor at night time when you can barely hear the ripple of the water against the boats. Often when I walk alone in the evening down to the harbor I am reminded of how special it is to be here where it feels so good and so safe. - Beth Esteb, San Francisco Bay Area

I had heard horror stories from other Californians about how unwelcome they were in places like Seattle, where allegedly the locals were very upset about the influx of Californians, who were driving up real estate prices, overcrowding the freeways, etc. but I found nothing like that in Gig Harbor. In fact it was just the opposite. I found the people of Gig Harbor to be very friendly, helpful, pleased to be living in such a beautiful area and eager to share their enthusiasm with others. -Bruce Roedel

We are fortunate to live at the water’s edge on Henderson bay. That sentiment ‘if you are lucky enough to live at the beach, you are lucky enough’ is true. Henderson Bay does not have the protected moorage that Gig Harbor enjoys, and that is often the best thing about living there because of the spectacle of winter storms –crashing waves, and actually seeing the storm travel across the water. We honestly feel as if we live at a resort. I hope to be lucky enough to live here for a very long time to come.
- Linda Jackson

Gig Harbor has the small town feel of a New England town with the amenities of a larger city.
-Terri Schinkel

Only minutes from Tacoma I appreciate the calming of Gig Harbor as I cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Surrounded by the Puget Sound and covered in evergreen trees, Gig Harbor represents everything great about Washington State. With the expansive view of Mt. Rainier, Gig Harbor and the surrounding peninsula represent a history rich in fishing, boat building and forestry. Whether enjoying a park, strolling down town, shopping or dining Gig Harbor has it all and so much more.
- Troy Tomaras

My first experience here was to drive to Seattle to help my son move back to the Sacramento area. He loved living in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) but his job took a hit. On my way to Seattle, I visited friends in Gig Harbor, and spent the night at their home on Wollochet Bay (you know the one from Poker Games). I was totally impressed of the views of the water and the Olympics in the distance, and of course, their house. We went to the Tides Tavern and had a drink and pub food and after looking across the Bay and the yachts coming in and out, I thought I was on vacation! That is what this place is all about. Living and working in a vacation environment. I went home (Sacramento) after helping my son move out and realized I had paid my dues in the land of hot, dry, brown, and ugly and I was going to move up here. Of course, I didn't realize at the time, that the PNW is not always as accommodating as it was that Memorial Day weekend, and that 8 months out of the year you get what Mother Nature gives you. I got out of hdbu (hot, dry, brown, and ugly) in 2005 and moved up here, and have never felt better about a move in my life. It never rains so much as to stop me from walking 3-4 miles a day . We are always getting better in services (big box) but they are hidden away from the ambience of the old harbor, which is good. No matter where you are in greater Gig Harbor, you are always just a few minutes away from a real Gem, and that is the harbor itself. You are instantly a tourist, shopping and walking, browsing the local merchants and eateries, and if you choose not to go home, there is the Green Turtle, Anthony’s and Brix for a fine dinner, plus all the new restaurants and stores in the new section. And never discount "The Tides"- A great view, ambience, service and pub food. I live in a gated community that was carved from a forest. My backyard is a greenbelt lot that is a forest. It is green, alive, vibrant, beautiful, and gorgeous, and I live a mile from Puget Sound, and a short drive to the harbor itself. Last winter we had a week or so of snow and ice. Some said it was bad, or as bad as they could remember. It was nothing my friends. This place is as good as it gets. I have no regrets in choosing Gig Harbor as a wonderful place to retire, meet new friends, and live like you are always "on vacation."
- Jim Reid

Gig Harbor is comfortable and happy. My wife and I love our kids growing up in this community. There is a kinship and pride that comes from involvement here unlike most other cities and towns. Being in Gig Harbor always brings a smile to my face.
- Eric Engelland

Hi Mike, following are my thoughts on Gig Harbor. I have lived in the harbor for the bulk of my 63 years and I never get tired of the beauty of this setting. The fishing fleet and the numerous yachts that are in the harbor are a photographers delight with the backdrop of majestic Mt. Rainier. This is a village that has kept its uniqueness over the years and the fact that there are still many of the founding families still here says a lot about this community. With the ability of engaging in many of the outdoor opportunities this is a family paradise. If you enjoy wholesome, fulfilled life's pleasures you will love Gig Harbor. 
- Doug Price

Mike - I consider Gig Harbor to be a village lifestyle with all the big town amenities near by. We can go to the big city for professional sports, theater, educational opportunities, zoo etc. and be home to the harbor for supper. I love our life of waterfront walks, scenic vistas, local markets, talent, fine dining surrounded by peace and quiet.  - Carol Williams

Gig Harbor is not just another beautiful Washington town. It is a nod to everything that is great about America - family, community, creativity and freedom. With an emphasis on those things as well as healthy and active lifestyles, Gig Harbor is a breath of fresh air in a world that is too often choking on task and distraction. Gig Harbor is, for us, a place where we can go and just be US.
- Shannon Bieger

Years ago, my wife and I took a casual stroll along Harborview Drive and came away thinking of Gig Harbor as a "quaint little town". A few months later we returned and spent a Saturday peruing the stores, walking the docks and meeting the people. At that juncture, we up-graded our description from "quaint" to "very cool". A while later we had occasion to visit Gig Harbor from a boat and that's when I finally figured it out...this town is amazing.  The harbor is protected on all sides by tall hills that keep the wind out and the water calm. The harbor entrance, while narrow enough to reduce a roague wave to a ripple, still affords a spectacular view of Point Defiance, the Narrows Bridge and Mt. Rainier beyond. It is as if nature itself set out to create the perfect port. Add to that the many fine restaurants, shops, parks, docks, etc., all within easy reach, and you have the quaintest, coolest, most amazing town in the Puget Sound.
-Kevin Mcstay

Super schools from Preschool thru too. Friendly neighborhoods, Safe environment~ clean well taken care of, low crime rate, easy access to parks, water, freeway, shopping, close knit community.
- Kristin Hamner

Gig Harbor has a small town feeling/flair and a real sense of community. My kids still really miss Gig Harbor, for them it will always be "home." 
- Heidi Harrington

As a community, Gig Harbor is an exceptional place in which to make a life. There are all of the physical needs one would want. Healthcare, entertainment goverment, businesses (large and small) are within easy reach. There is an excellent mix in terms of population. A bit heavy on the elderly, however, most are affluent and do make up a fairly large portion of the tax base. There are two complete and competitive school systems of which we can be proud. The Churches are active both in religious services and in aids to the poor and infirmed. We have really enjoyed living here and have no intentions of leaving.
- Jim Hoghaug

Gig Harbor, the best little harbor town in the west. - Patricia Vellinga